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How to Answer Personal Ads

include your web site url

All ads can be responded to by mail. Those ads that include an e -mail address may be answered directly by email or by US Mail, your choice. ;

1. write your response and place it in a stamped envelope (be sure to include some way the person can contact you). Leave the envelope unsealed (letters are left unsealed to protect against commercial mailings and other "replies" inappropriate to the standards of this publication). Do not put a return address on this envelope.

2. where you would normally place the address, instead put the advertiser's code number.

3. Place all your letters to be forwarded in a larger envelope, along with $2 forwarding fee per response (check or money order preferred) to:

Country Singles
PO Box 2139
Sioux Falls, SD  57101

* personals can be answered by mail up to 11 months after they first appear.
* do not send any photos you need to have returned. Putting your name and address (preferably a box number) on the back helps the recipient associate picture with letter.

Your personal ad runs in our Country Singles newspaper, published monthly and distributed in newsracks in 9 midwest states, plus mail circulation thruout US.

Your personal will normally appear here within 48 hours on Country Singles web site.

Totally Free 40 word one time ad in both papers and both web sites. Additional words at 25 cents per word, (one time extra word charge even if ad is run several times) Ad run 2 issues $5. 3 months $8 4 issues $10. and 6 Months $12.50


Free Photos with any personal running more then one time. Including your photo can increase responses up to 4 times.


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