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The web's free divorce source and support to make
a quick divorce recovery possible

We have for 32 years been publishing news and
information for divorced, widowed, and
separated to help folks successfully recover and
to enjoy single life.

During that time we archived and have now
posted online over 300 most helpful divorce
articles to speed the divorce adjustment process,
with several hundred divorce articles yet to post.

Get Divorce Help here: Divorce Recovery 101,
Dating Again 101, and Single Life Coach.

In addition at the above sites you will find a
directory of over 1,200 divorce help information
links for the newly singled.

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Information is the key to success in business,
recovering from divorce,and even getting
back into dating again (and even sex again).

The internet can be an extremely valuable
resource in learning what you need to know to
succeed at almost anything...

....and avoid falling into pitfalls, traps as well
as expensive and time consuming detours.

Years ago, I created a formula I call H.O.P.E.
which simply means Harnessing Other Peoples'
Experience and it is basically what I use as
background material for what all I write about.

If you went out and spent months interviewing
and questioning, let's say one thousand recently
singled, and you did one thousand a year for
ten years, (which is basically what I did) and
you found out what worked from them and
what wasted a lot of time and energy...

Throw in your own experience in using and
trying out, in that same ten years, what you
learned, you would have a lot to write about....

After writing about what you found from
Harnessing Other Peoples' Experience, and
personally living and trying out and
recommending and then watching hundreds
of other newly singled trying out with great
success what you learned, the resulting
articles then appeared a few times in print...
and then it was gone........

Often lining the bottom of a bird cage or
wrapping a fish.......

What a waste.... all the years of your
concentrated work you put into this, that
could be helping the new crop of freshly
singled... ...instead.......gone forever....

.........then one day...the internet appeared...


Here is a chance to use all of this
accumulated knowledge, and maybe even
for the next 100 years continue to do some
good out of all that research, testing and
just plain work.......

......a chance to world wide help the steady
stream .....of hundreds of thousands of newly
singled, whether by divorce, separation, or
widowed, wandering through the jungle of
adjusting to the loss of a long term relationship,
moving into single life each year..

.....often dazed by it all,
.........often needlessly making the same
mistakes others ahead of them had made,
totally uninformed with little or no way of
learning about what works and what does not.

So...... in my case....

We got to work, posted much of this material
on the web, and now after four years of work
(so far posted less then half of the accumulated
material) spent tens of thousands on web
expense and help and are still at it.......a long
way to go....

Meanwhile carrying a heavy load of keeping
several businesses in the black to accumulate
enough money to keep this all on the web for at
least another ten years after I am gone.

Several members of my family have
contributed much to this effort and continue to
do so..

We have never asked anyone for a dime on
the web sites. The only thing we ask is that
each reader in turn expend a little of their
energy to send others to these web sites, and
print out and share for those not on the web.

We get a few thousand people who
accidentally bump into our web sites, but it
would make it far more rewarding if you
would help us get to tens or even hundreds
of thousands that can obtain help here.

Since we do not have additional money to
advertise or promote this information
availability here, we have to totally rely on
each reader to help spread the word.

Here are some of our web sites where we
are posting each month, not only our
accumulated material but new articles
monthly, like this one. Once more in case you
may have missed some of our web sites........

Here they are:

Divorce Recovery 101. Dating Again 101. Sex
Again 101. Single Life Coach.Singles Talk Shop.

In addition we have already added some free
courses written recently just for the net, and
our several newsletters which are all basically
fresh writing. You will find links to subscribe
on the sites.

We have researched the web and put
together over 1200 links to sites we think will
be of interest, fun and of help.

Click on and go to our switchboards on these
sites. We have spent thousands of hours of
work to make these sites and links as helpful as

We also ask our readers to e-mail us comments
on what works, and what helps and what does

not work for you.

To read some of our emails to the editor on the
divorce site so far, go here.

We are looking forward to hearing from you,
telling us your experence and your success
using H.O.P.E. - Harnessing Other Peoples'

We are waiting and looking forward to adding
your feedback.....

Indeed, we all look forward to receiving these
emails, as they are our only reward and help
encourage us to work on.

Yes, believe me, they do really help make our day...

We hope we have helped make all of your days better.

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