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We are the Jacobsen Family, we have been publishing small monthly specialized publications for 28 years. Print publications around the country have been in declining circulation for several years, including ours. Since some have been losing money and all are near there, we have considered discontinuing the print medium since your publisher is well past retirement age.

We have an unusual background in publishing that others have not had, so we have decided to transfer much of our efforts and expertise to the web. We will leave it to you to decide whether we are on the right track. We have gone to a lot of effort and expense to make your use of the web bigger and better with less clicks and effort to obtain what you want.

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Your feedback, comments and suggestions are solicited and we will respond when requested. Publishing is a thankless task and any response, good or bad is helpful, because then we at least know someone is using it. We have offices both in South Dakota and in Arizona.

Arizona Office - Editor
Janet Jacobsen
PO Box 10159
Scottsdale, AZ.  85271
Phone Number:  480-945-6746
Fax Number:  480-945-6746
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Arizona Office - Publisher
Harlan Jacobsen
PO Box 10159
Scottsdale, AZ.  85271
Phone Number: 480-945-6746
Fax Number: 480 945-6746
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Harlan L. Jacobsen - Publisher
PO Box 2139
Sioux Falls, SD.  57101
Phone Number:  605-335-4125
Cell Number:  605-376-4125
Fax Number:  605-335-6649
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Your information is always kept in the strictest confidence. We never hand out our reader's information to anyone for any reason.

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